Sit back and relax, we‘ll take care of everything.We buy and sell your products on Amazon in Italy and across Europe. We help companies Made in Italy to grow their business on Amazon.

Do you have wonderful products and want to sell them on Amazon?

a 360°
Dedicated resources, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, processes, document management, warehouse space, dedicated cloud servers. Don't worry, we've got it covered! Selling globally has never been easier..



We offer 10 years of experience and versatility to partners who are not logistically and technologically structured to work with Amazon. Our 4,000sqm warehouses use dedicated WMS software and are complemented by three vertical robotic systems.
Market Analysis
& Marketing

We identify the categories to which your products and competitors will belong. Through our predictive tools we can simulate market scenarios and provide a corresponding strategy. We also manage Amazon Ads to better sponsor your products.

Why become our partner?
You will not have to structure a new picking and packing process for products to be shipped to Amazon logistics or to the consumers.
Cost optimisation
You will not need any specialised staff to manage your operations.
Europe-wide sales
We send the products to Amazon logistics centres within the European Union.
IT & Marketing & Analytics
We have departments specialised in optimising Amazon sales processes across Europe.
Zero business risk
EASYB2C buys your products before selling to Amazon. We take care of storing and returns.
Attention to the product
We take care of each product type. Numerous high-definition photos, size/colour aggregation, clear and detailed bullet points, A+ content, and so on.
Reach tens of millions of customers, quickly and easily, and sell your inventory all across Europe.
EASYB2C sends your products to Amazon's logistics centres. These items will be sold and shipped by Amazon in Prime. Amazon will collect, pack and ship your products directly to customers across Europe. Additionally, Amazon allows the sale of its products also on the main European marketplaces: Germany, Spain, France, UK. We have a capacity of 2,500,000 items per year with short shipping and delivery times – fulfilling Amazon's logistics rules.
We guide your company step-by-step with the goal of growing sales and profits on Amazon.
We know how Amazon works. We study sales strategies for each market and each product category. Our mission is to strengthen your market position, not to sell out your products. That's why we pay the utmost attention to your margins and protect your brand. We create your Amazon Store, so as to strengthen your presence in the marketplace and multiply your chances of selling and reaching new customers. When you bring traffic to the Store through advertising campaigns, you can choose whether to send users to the Home tab of your Store or directly to a specific product category. In fact, each store page has a unique URL, which you can use when creating your campaign!
How does our service work?

First Contact

We will discuss with our new supplier partner the outline of the project.
The new supplier sends us an Excel file (or other format) with a price list + barcodes + availability for a price analysis in relation to the market.
Distribution agreement
If the analysis is positive, the contractual agreements with the new supplier are defined and the data exchange format is defined.
Product Catalogue
In this phase, we prepare the product listings for Amazon with photos and descriptions. We activate the data exchange with Amazon and monitor the publication.
Product testing
We test different sales strategies on Amazon to increase product turnover. Afterwards, we constantly monitor revenues.
Strategic marketing
It is not enough to have the best products from selected partner companies. We apply marketing strategies. We leverage our know-how to promote products on Amazon.
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